Over the weekend, Auckland City District Police shared concerns that some cans of a distinctive beer could be contaminated with meth.

It's not believed this beer is available to be bought in New Zealand and no other brand is involved. If you have a can of 'Honey Bear House Beer', it's recommended that you don't drink it and follow Police advice.

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This issue came to light as Police continue to investigate an importation of meth into New Zealand contained in cans of beer. The beer in question is called ‘Honey Bear House Beer’ and is packaged in a distinctive blue and red aluminium can. This particular shipment was of 473ml cans with a picture of a red bear.

It is not believed this beer is available to be purchased in New Zealand and no other brand is involved in this shipment. It's unlikely that any cans from this shipment have been sold over the counter or online, however part of the shipment may have been given away or shared on between people.

Police advised that there was a risk that any of these cans could be contaminated with meth and consuming it could have serious or fatal consequences. More information is available on the Auckland City District Police Facebook Page here.

If you have any information about this, you can contact Police on the 105 phone service quoting the file number 230310/6793, or through Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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